04.05.2024 - 13.07.2024

Everyone on the track!



    In the spotlight in Paris this summertheOlympic Games willhave also celebrateds at Hangar Y with five major events. Each event is an opportunity to combine live performance with a sporting discipline.. A former airship hangar surrounded by a 10-hectare park, the Hangar Y will offer an extraordinary playground for artists and visitors alike, who will come to discover this exceptional program. The main theme? Contemporary dance. Art lovers, the curious, weekend warriors and seasoned athletes are all invited to take part in the many workshops and initiations taking place at Hangar Y between May and September 2024!

    Program supported by La Métropolitaine, the international contemporary art event organized by La Métropole du Grand Paris in collaboration with TRAM réseau art contemporain Paris / Ile-de-France, which runs from May 4 to September 15, 2024.

    A 100% free program!

    • Saturday May 4 and Sunday May 5
      Official launch, with the Discofootby CCN Ballet de Lorraine
    • Saturday June 1st
      Nuit Blanche, with two performances of Traceursby Rachid Ouramdane with Nathan Paulin and acrobats from the Compagnie de Chaillot
    • Saturday June 8th
      As part of the La Ville Dansée, by the Paris Dance Project (Benjamin Millepied and Solenne du Hays Mascré), new show by Salia Sanou
    • Saturday July 6 and Sunday July 7
      Installation in situ of a giant basketball court, on the façade and forecourt, by artist Benedetto Bufalino and performances by Kivuko Compagnie
    • Saturday 13th July
      Inauguration of the new Meudon Skatepark mural, by artist Eltono

    Saturday May 4 and Sunday May 5- Lhe fusion of soccer and contemporary dance

    4PM - "DISCOFOOT" SHOW (duration: 40 min. approx.)

    A show that humorously mixes soccer and dance, to the rhythm of a euphoric DJ set. 

    Between choreography and improvisation, the players reinvent the rules of soccer: no chasing the ball, only dancing counts! During this match-performance, each team is assessed by a panel of judges, who award points for both creativity and goals scored.

    The match begins with the traditional ceremony: announcement of the players, warm-up, handshakes, anthem, team photos... The teams take their places on the soccer pitch, which has been set up inside the hangar, and the first half kicks off with a choreographed warm-up sequence. Following the second half, the artistic scores and the number of goals scored are added up. The jury announces the victorious team, who leave with the trophy, not forgetting to take one last lap around the track to the applause of the audience.

    Creation CCN - Ballet de Lorraine / chorography and design: Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley / DJ : Ben Unzip


    After a playful warm-up and tactical fine-tuning, it's finally time to put on your jersey. Under the guidance of Joris Perez, participants explore their relationship with space and the body. The program includes simple movements to grasp the fundamentals of dance and understand the creative process behind the "Discofoot" show.

    3pm - Introductory dance workshop on Saturday and Sunday in the Atelier du Hangar Y (duration: approx. 45 min.)
    Registration recommended; comfortable clothing recommended; ages 8 and up.
    5pm - "Discofoot" workshop on Saturday only in the Hangar Y Nave (duration: approx. 45 min.)
    Registration not required, subject to availability; comfortable clothing recommended; ages 8 and up.

    Workshops offered by Joris Perez, choreographic artist with CCN Ballet de Lorraine.

    Saturday June 1st- Sur un fil... between acrobatics and high-flying as part of Nuit Blanche

    6pm and 8pm - "LES TRACEURS" PERFORMANCE (duration: 35 min. approx.)

    In an exceptional performance, the highliner Nathan Paulin and a dozen acrobats defy the laws of gravity and revive Hangar Y's aerial history.

    In the park, the tightrope walker rises above the Bassin de Chalais. Fn the perspective designed by André Le Nôtre in the 17th centurya poetic musical journey through history, is written. Nathan Paulin, launches then through the nave of the hangar historical monument. At ground, accompanied by the sound of the tightrope walker's voice, a dozenacrobats perform acrobatic stunts and flips.. This suspended choreography between heaven and earth the intimate relationship these athletes have with their sport or art, defying the laws of gravity and touching with their fingertips the eternal human dream of flight.

    Design: Rachid Ouramdane / Music: Jean-Baptiste Julien /With: Nathan Paulin and the acrobats / Production: Chaillot - Théâtre national de la Danse

    Important: these performances are subject to weather conditions. They may be cancelled if conditions for the performances are not optimal.

    Sunday, June 2 at 4pm - Earth, air, fire... a synesthetic opera by artist Maxime Rossi

    As part of La Métropolitaine, La Métropole du Grand Paris' international contemporary art event, a joint project is being orchestrated by artist Maxime Rossi, in dialogue with La Métropolitaine's artistic co-direction committee, made up of all the venue's management and teams. In the spirit of celebration, Maxime Rossi imagines

    Earth, air, fire, a synesthetic opera in 4 acts that will unfold in different intensities throughout La Métropolitaine.

    On Sunday June 2, a hot-air balloon staged by artist Maxime Rossi will make a stop at Hangar Y. Installed in the park designed by André Le Nôtre - Versailles' landscape gardener - in the 17th century, it will be the setting for a workshop for families.


    In parallel with the 4 performative acts, Maxime Rossi and BIM (Bureau Indépendant de Médiation Culturelle) are working together to devise 13 art workshops. Between May 4 and September 15, visitors are invited to take free rein of the balloon's banners to create a giant exquisite corpse for La Métropolitaine.

    La Métropolitaine, the international contemporary art event organized by La Métropole du Grand Paris in collaboration with TRAM réseau art contemporain Paris / Ile-de-France, runs from May 4 to September 15, 2024.

    Saturday June 8 - Commodern dance on a city scale

    12H - EVENT - "The Danced City (duration: 30 min. approx.)

    The Danced City is an invitation from Paris Dance Project to celebrate dance in the urban space of Ile-de- France.

    If monuments inscribe stories in the hardness of stone, The Danced City invites ten choreographers to bring to life stories other than those usually celebrated, forgotten presences, reanimating ghosts that illuminate the present. Through fragile, vibrant dancing bodies, they are summoned to resonate in a collective, itinerant experience. In the joy of shared moments thanks to bodies animated by music, in the empathy felt at the evocation of forgotten destinies, The Danced City entwines the present with the past.

    On June 8, from Meudon to Saint-Ouen, passing through the center of Paris or the Philharmonie, from morning until night, these ephemeral creations cross the capital and sketch a great Paris in motion in dialogue with a central stage where voices, songs, poems and texts are heard.

    Hangar Y hosts a creation by choreographer Salia Sanou, specially designed for the building's nave and echoing its history.

    Project Artistic Director: Benjamin Millepied / Artistic Creation Collective: Solenne du Haÿs - MascréChristian Longchamp, Fabien Truong and Françoise Vergès

    Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 July - Dribbles, rebounds and arabesques... basketball takes to the sky


    Basketball defies the laws of weightlessness!

    Playing with the architecture, visual artist Benedetto Bufalino transforms Hangar Y into a monumental playground that unfolds on two levels, one vertical, on the façade, and one horizontal, on the forecourt. Forced to cross the court to enter or leave the building, visitors are transformed from spectators into impromptu players. The rules of basketball are humorously hijacked by the artist, who does away with the baskets, but offers a multitude of walls on which to try out new figures and even a few dance steps... A sensitive and poetic dialogue is established between the work, the architecture and the history of the place that hosts it.

    Surprising, offbeat and sometimes humorous, Benedetto Bufalino's works are also participative. Outside the ultra-codified framework of the museum or art center, passers-by are invited to take a fresh look at a place that was once familiar to them. An installation designed and produced especially for Hangar Y, inviting the public to reappropriate this environment.

    Throughout the weekend, the public is invited to take part in / activate Benedetto Bufalino's work.

    "The basketball court on the facade is like a mural inspired by a basketball court. It invites us to contemplate reality by means of simple white lines on an orange background. The piece suggests a new appropriation of the space as a playground. The spectator is invited to come and play, reinventing the rules of this public space."Benedetto Bufalino.


    Hangar Y gives carte blanche to the Kivuko Compagnie for a program based on dance and basketball.

    SATURDAY JULY 6 AT 3PM - " BOUNCE BACK SHOW (duration: 45 min. approx.)

    Four performers - musician, dancer and basketball player - share the stage, accompanied by a basketball. At the start of the game, the "no contact" rule prevails, with only the ball creating a link between the protagonists. Gradually, the game develops, the ball liberating the "players" and bringing their bodies closer together. The distances between the dancers become blurred, giving rise to an aerial dance in which the body is inspired by the ball's trajectory. The music, composed of the sounds of the ball and match recordings, accompanies this transformation. "Bounce Back" is a show in which music, dance and basketball merge to explore human relationships and our capacity for resilience.

    The show is followed by a discussion with the artists of the Kivuko Compagnie.

    Choreography and design: Christina Towle / Performance: Dalila Cortes, Joël Beauvois, Guillaume Chan Tan + Sylvain Olliver / Basketball Coach : Sylvain Lauret + Charly Melloul / Musical creation + DJ + Performer: Sylvain Olliver / Set design + Lighting design: Sylvain Dufour / Project initiated within the framework of the Mentorat Les Femmes sont là: Christine Bastin

    SATURDAY JULY 6 AT 4:30 PM - COLLECTIVE DANCE WORKSHOP (duration: 30 min. approx.)

    A basketballball becomes an invitation to dance! A workshop workshop, fun and creative, for children and accompanying adultsinspired from the show "Bounce Back". On the program: a collective warm-up drawing on dance and basketball techniquesball to get the body moving. In turn, eachhach imitates the defender's dancethen the referee. Ballon in hand, young and old discover its musical and choreographic potential.

    No reservation necessary, subject to availability; comfortable clothing recommended; ages 6 and up.



    The Kivuko Company takes over the square in front of the imposing Hangar Y with basket-dance, an original technique combining music, dance and basketball.ball. In a body language inspired by the sport, the performers bring to the stage a whole range of improvisations, sometimes theatrical, sometimes organic, athletic, but above all rhythmic! In synergy with Sylvain Ollivier's live electronic music.


    Inspired by "Rebonds! Matchs chorégraphiques, a a project that brings together amateurs and professionalsinitiated by the Kivuko Company. This participatory workshop explores the basketballball ball through its many possibilities: as a sports ball, but also as a vehicle for dance and movement. and and rhythmic percussion. This unique mix highlights the spontaneity of gesture. With colorful balloons as accessories, thebodies in motion create colorful visual frescoes and graphic visual frescoes.

    No registration required, subject to availability. All agesfrom 6 years ; Comfortable clothing recommended

    Saturday, July 13 - Around skateboarding, urban cultures in the spotlight

    With the support of "Eté culturel", a project run by the French Ministry of Culture for remote audiences, and the Mairie de Meudon, Hangar Y is putting the spotlight on skateboarding, whose events at the Paris Olympic Games will take place on July 7 and 28 for street, and August 6 and 7 for park.

    To celebrate this sport, which originated in the United States in the 1950s and is increasingly popular with young people in particular, Hangar Y has invited artist Eltono to design a permanent artistic installation for the Meudon skatepark, located just a few meters from Hangar Y.

    Eltono rehabilitates this urban facility by creating a monumental composition of multicolored geometric shapes. Conceived as a musical score, this fresco gives rhythm to the movements of skateboarders and underlines the lines of passage of the skateboards., BMX or scooters. Adorned with combinations of colors, evoking the cities Californiannes, lhe modules (bowls, rails, curbs...) become launching pads that vibrate to the rhythms of figures of skaters or experienced skaters. By marking, of these colorful sequences, the various passage areas favorite passage practitioners, lhe work harmoniously accompaniestheir movements and reveals volumes characteristic of park.

    May 4 to July 14: "Athletic Forms" cultural tours

    Sport, art and nature at the Hangar Y

    During the five "Tous en pistes!" events, Hangar Y, in partnership with UCPA de Meudon, offers sporting tours to discover the art trail installed in its nearly 10-hectare park.

    This sporty walk, in the heart of nature, is punctuated by several physical activities: running, pulling, stretching... and contemplative pauses, around the thirty sculptures and installations distributed between the grand perspective, the undergrowth and the Chalais basin. Animated by sports coaches and mediators, these hybrid tours, both athletic and artistic, are good for body and mind!

    For all ages 6 and up. Saturdays May 4, June 1 and 8, July 6 and 13 at 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. (duration: 1h)
    Sportswear recommended
    Registration required Book