22.03.2023 - 31.12.2024

Course of works


At the Hangar Y, the program is conceived as a poetic parenthesis in a historic and emblematic site of Greater Paris, far from the frenzy of the city, where one can take the time to explore, to be surprised and to stroll closer to nature.

The Hangar Y's art trail offers a unique experience of art, with works that invite dreams, discovery, participation, reflection and dialogue with the environment.

The works of some of the most recognized artists on the international scene and of emerging creation, appeal to the senses and to the participation of visitors, to touch and be touched by art. This artistic wandering allows a large public to access the best of contemporary creation through a discovery course in the undergrowth of the park, the Great Perspective, the alleys, the Hangar Y square or in dialogue with the Chalais basin.

Along the way, visitors will discover some twenty multidisciplinary, sensory and participatory works: sculptures, installations, sound, olfactory and performative works, ephemeral works... An enchanted, poetic interlude and a true journey of inspiration.


Featured artists:

Adel Abdessemed - Christian Boltanski - Lee Bul - Tony Cragg - Ida Ekblad - Barry Flanagan - Shilpa Gupta - Subodh Gupta - Laurent Le Deunff - Sarah Lucas - David Nash - Ernesto Neto - Simon Periton - Stefan Rinck - Ugo Rondinone - Roman Signer - Kiki Smith - Pascale Marthine Tayou - Wang Keping


Un livret de visite autonome proposé à tout adulte accompagnant des enfants à partir de 6 ans, pour une découverte active du parcours d’œuvres !

À travers les thèmes du bestiaire et des animaux fantastiques, cette visite en autonomie met les enfants en action devant les œuvres. Activités, questions-réponses, rubrique « le saviez-vous »… Partagez un moment en famille autour de la sculpture contemporaine !

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