26.11.2023 - 21.04.2024

Birthday party at Hangar Y

From November 26, 2023 to April 21, 2024, organize a Savants Fous birthday party at the fascinating Hangar Y!



Future genius
Children will be experimenting to discover different facets of science. A little chemistry, a little physics and a little biology, for an unforgettable experience. Festive decorations and accessories will plunge your little ones into a world of escape. Play with the sun, air and water, look through "magic" goggles, fill a 2-metre bag in 2 seconds, and many other surprises await the children!


Funny reactions
A chemistry-themed birthday party, with magic tricks, pipettes and chemicals for a birthday full of reactions... and laughter!

Fun phenomena
A Mad Scientist comes to help children discover the mysteries and phenomena of nature: together they create waves, tornadoes, use air pressure to make "magic" and even make a real lightning bolt! With protection! Phew!

Magic and witchcraft
Our Savant Fou takes your children into the world of magic and sorcery. Grimoires, incantations, potions and magic amulets are all on offer for an afternoon at the heart of this supernatural theme. It's a birthday full of surprises, and the memories are sure to be magnificent!

Alien discovery
Seismic waves tell us that alien eggs have been scattered around your home! After the search, it's time to dissect them: what will we find inside? Supernatural lights and sounds for a space party!


Completely carbo
The nec plus ultra is THE kick-ass birthday party. Strange fumes, bizarre noises, snow in summer... a real festival of exciting discoveries! Crescendo, we manipulate and use dry ice in a thousand and one ways: fun guaranteed.


2 to 2:30 p.m.: Welcome for parents and children
2:30 pm to 4 pm: Animation on the theme requested
4pm to 4:30pm: Snack (bring your own)
The room must be vacated by 4:45pm at the latest.


From age 5
Package at €325
For a group of up to 12 children
From 2pm to 4:45pm every Sunday from November 26 to April 21 - ATTENTION already sold out on November 26, December 3, 2023, December 10, 2023 and December 17
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Included for the birthday party:
tablecloths, cleaning, small souvenir for each child and small gift for the birthday child
free admission to the park for parents and children, with access to the outdoor artworks, the play area and the strolling nave.
Parents of invited children can present themselves at the entrance with the invitation card to accompany their child to the Atelier without paying the entrance fee.

Not included for the birthday party:
food, crockery and decoration, to be brought by you
access to the exhibition and immersive experience "The Hangar Y Epic".


The Savants Fous and Savants Fous Tech presenters are chosen for their professionalismtheir knowledge and their ability to communicate with children. They are all qualified and have undergone exclusive training. They favour a lively approach to scienceThey use games and fun experiments to raise children's awareness and interest.