As part of Nuit Blanche, Hangar Y opened its doors to the public on Saturday June 3 for an unforgettable artistic experience.

Under the artistic direction of Benjamin Millepied and presented by Solenne du Haÿs Mascré, the Paris Dance Project presented its first movement, Exaltations, an exceptional program of contemporary dance that spread throughout all the Hangar Y spaces.

This evening, full of poetry, featured :
- 7 spellbinding performances by Mellina Boubetra, Anna Chirescu, Jerson Diasonama, Alexandre Augier Fandard, Anatole Hossenlopp, Leïla Ka and Sixtime manigot, inspired and sublimated by the presence of works by POUSH artists Arnaud Adami, Arda Asena, Diane Chery, Marie de Villepin, Dhewadi Hadjab, Mathilde Lestiboudois and Margot Pietri.
An improvisation with Leila Ka, Benjamin Millepied and Caroline Osmont on Bach's Partita No.2 - Chaconne performed by Eric Crambes,
- A duet by Benjamin Millepied and Caroline Osmont on a movement from Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach.
- A dance workshop led by Laura Nala

Thanks to them for these great moments of emotion!

We would also like to thank Solenne du Haÿs Mascré, General Director, and Benjamin Millepied, Artistic Director, both of whom initiated the Paris Dance Project, for this magnificent journey to the heart of dance. Thanks also to Denis Larghero, Mayor of Meudon for his presence.

Last but not least, thank you all for coming and sharing these magical moments with us. Thank you for your looks and your enthusiasm during this unforgettable evening!



A creation by Mellina Boubetra, choreographer and dancer
POUSH associate artist in residence: Arda Asena


A creation byAnna Chirescu, choreographer and dancer
POUSH associate artist in residence: Diane Chery
Musical works: improvisations from works by
Gabriella Smith (Bare, 2021 and Swept, 2021)
Cellist: Eric-Maria Couturier, member of Ensemble Intercontemporain

"Taking as its starting point the notion of infinite, cyclical and permanent time, the performance brings together movement, painting and music. In close collaboration with Diane Chéry's plastic and performative work, and based on Gabriella Smith's compositions, played live by cellist Eric-Maria Couturier, the folds and nuances of the canvas respond to the body, friction and musical resonance. An intimate, slow dialogue between gesture, music and painting, like an attempt to observe time unfolding."

Anna Chirescu


A creation by Jerson Diasonama, choreographer and dancer
POUSH associate artist in residence: Dhewadi Hadjad
Musical work:
Réflection by Mackenzy Bergile

"This solo is the result of a conversation between visual artist Dhewadi Hadjab and musician Mackenzy Bergile, who share a fascination for the body and the object, time and its representations. In From now till' now, every moment becomes an opportunity. Time is endless, sometimes slowing down, sometimes speeding up, giving rise to the image of a body on the ground constrained between weightlessness and gravity, ready to tumble over the musical composition. Each posture, strong, minimal and complex, is meant to be an eternal recommencement or the superimposition of a lived time that leaves an echo in the memory of this body, both living and object."

Jerson Diasonama


A creation byAlexandre Fandard, choreographer and dancer
POUSH associate artist in residence: Arnaud Adami
Musical work:
Rhapsody No. 1 (2014) by Jessie Montgomery
Jeanne-Marie Conquer, member of Ensemble Intercontemporain

"What's the face behind the Uber eat delivery driver? Pejoratively pigeonholed through multiple clichés, the delivery drivers of these various digital platforms blend into the mass of our cities and become like forgotten shadows without a story. In this solo performance, inspired in particular by painter Arnaud Adami's series of snow paintings, I attempt to rehabilitate a figure that has become invisible in the eyes of society, and more often than not scorned in the wake of tensions over security and identity. A figure still largely fantasized or simply ignored and drowned in the excessive uberization of the working world."

Alexandre Fandard


A creation byAnatole Hossenlopp, choreographer and dancer
Associate artist in residence at POUSH: Marie de Villepin (Visions of Collisons)
Musical work: Ritornello 2.sq.2.j.a (2015) by Caroline Shaw

"Forgotten sensations,Through a blink of an eyelid, everything has disappeared,Past moments,From a clear vision to an obscure retreat, Caught moments,What remains of the powerful beat, the silent melody? Times out of whack,Atrophy of the senses or derangement of a world? Passed through the present. Last beats of an eternal recommencement".

Anatole Hossenlopp



A creation by Sixtine Manigot, choreographer and dancer

POUSH associate artist in residence: Margot Pietri (L'oeil - 2023)
Musical work: Drones in Large Cycles (2012) by Nico Muhly

"I based my solo on a sleep cycle broken by insomnia.
2:06 a.m., the time I wake up every night when my brain decides I can't waste any time sleeping.
A stress engendered by a society that asks us to do far too much in far too little time. In my solo, I won't always follow the music as you might expect, to emphasize that everyone should be able to go at their own pace.
I've built it up in several stages, starting with a restorative night, then insomnia, which is at first light but increasingly stressful, and finally taking control of time, where I choose whether or not to follow the tempo imposed by society".

Sixtine Manigot


A creation by Leila Ka, choreographer and dancer
POUSH associate artist in residence: Mathilde Lestiboudois
Musical work:
and the swallow (2017) by Caroline Shaw

"Without time to breathe, motionless, in slow motion, raw gestures, accelerations, the torso struck. Without time to breathe, splitting the air with your body, eyes downcast, fist clenched, dashing, crashing. Lying there, starting again, no time to breathe, starting again, lying there."

Leila Ka


Founded in 2020 by Hervé Digne and Laure Confavreux-Colliex, POUSH is an artists' venue for creation and exhibition that offers artists workshops as well as a support program in terms of artistic direction, production, communication and administrative, legal and tax support. Under the direction of Yvannoé Kruger, POUSH offers a unique artistic program of exhibitions, site-specific installations and performances. POUSH is supported by the Association pour le Développement des Lieux de Création d'Artistes (ADLCA).
The inaugural Paris Dance Project movement will be launched in parallel at POUSH (Aubervilliers) on June 4, from 2pm to 6pm. Free and with registration.