Pablo Reinoso, Double Talk

Pablo Reinoso
Double Talk, 2017
Painted steel
122 x 950 x 160 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Waddington Custot

Double Talk is part of the Spaghetti Bench seriesseries, initiated by Pablo Reinoso in 2006. For these works, the artist takes as his starting point public benches, whose design is both anonymous and universal. Here, Pablo Reinoso stages a bench which, once its utilitarian function has been fulfilled, allows itself to be invaded by nature, with branches growing and climbing trees as if to regain their freedom. The Spaghetti Bench are a tribute to plant intelligence and the arrangements it adopts to perpetuate its growth. Double Talk is also an invitation to visitors to take a break in a unique landscape, facing the Etang de Chalais. Through a simple interaction with the work, the artist opens the way to new possibilities of exchange, new ways of being together in the heart of a natural environment.

Born in 1955 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lives and works in Paris, France. Pablo Reinoso's protean work spans the fields of sculpture, installation, design, architecture and painting. Created using raw building materials or objects from the fields of architecture and design, his works are based on a logic of emancipation of the object or material from its original function, often through misappropriation. Since the 2000s, these questions have taken concrete form in the artist's work on the seated object, which her plastic production hijacks into motifs that evoke fantasy and reverie.