Sound borders - immersive experience

An immersive audio installation designed and produced by Ircam X Ircam amplify for Hangar Y

Duration: 10 minutes - looped - multichannel

Echoing our childhood memories and the fantasy world of fairy tales, this installation captivates listeners and invites them to enter a dreamlike world full of imaginary creatures.
This soundscape awakens the senses and produces a unique melody, on the threshold between the human and the animal worlds, the natural and the artificial, vocal melodies and concrete sounds.

Like in today’s soundscapes of the Meudon forest, humans occupy the land by reproducing the songs and sounds of animals. In this immersive humanophony, the human noises heard in the forest, the interjections, imitations and songs form a biophony of another kind.
Memories fade, means of expression change, new animal species come to life.

Imitating animals with human sounds and instruments is a practice observed in many cultural activities (hunting, religious rituals, musical games, early learning). Lisières Sonores – Sound Borders perpetuates this tradition and creates a real narrative, designed like a soundtrack, conceived in a workshop during which exhibition curators, composers, artists and associations interacted, defined and then collectively ranked the sounds of the living world, of the forest of Meudon and of the project sponsored by Hangar Y.


Ircam, a research centre dedicated to musical creation and linked to Centre Pompidou since 1977, is a laboratory for artists and a workshop for scientists of the 21st century. Open to today’s world, Ircam is the manufacturer of audio dreams. ABOUT IRCAM AMPLIFY
Ircam amplify, a subsidiary of Ircam, was created to make the best of the innovative audio research from IRCAM available to benefit new uses. By using original immersive audio creations combined with cutting-edge technology, it aims to create sensitive and multi-sensory experiences. Ircam amplify is the manufacturer of audio uses.


For this installation, Ircam amplify used the SpeaK method of the Design & Sound Perception team from STMS (Ircam, CNRS, Sorbonne-University, French Ministry of Culture) and the immersive and spatial audio technologies developed at Ircam for over 30 years.

art direction | Frank Madlener, director of Ircam
concept and audio creation | Romain Barthelemy, Ircam amplify
sound engineering and technical design | Alexandre Chaigne, Music Unit
project management | Marion Laporte, Ircam amplify and Joseph Dubrule 

Hangar Y, Ircam and Ircam amplify would like to thank the contributors to the SpeaK workshop: Alexandre Chaigne, Lauranne Germond, Patricia Laroche, Juliette Lecorne, Jean-Marc Thibaut.


art direction | Blanche de Lestrange, Zoé Dailey, Aideen Halleman and Aurélie Baron
technical installation | Écouter/voir

performers | Estelle Florin, Margot Janet, Marie-Pierre Judas, Ruben Lemonnier, Sabrine Sidki, and walkers in the Meudon forest