Laurent Le Deunff, Jurassic France

Laurent Le Deunff
Jurassique France, 2023
In situ
Variable dimensions
Courtesy Laurent Le Deunff and Semiose (Paris) 

Here, rooted in the landscape, Laurent Le Deunff proposes an anachronistic tale. It forms the life-size print of a dinosaur's foot on the ground. Balanced between the natural and the artificial, the work illustrates the passage of time and its effects on the living; it also pays homage to all the films with "homemade" special effects, in which resurrected dinosaurs cross paths with wandering cavemen. In a constant self-recycling process, the work can be interpreted as a poetic investigation into the relationship to the landscape, historical representation, animals, copying and recovering, and humour.


Biography of the artist

Born in 1977 in Talence, France. Lives and works in Bordeaux, France.
The discrepancy between the materials and the object represented makes Laurent Le Deunff's sculptures deceptive. The artist tells stories that are intimately connected to the genesis of the world and to an archaic imaginary, and that are inspired by genre films and internet culture. This aesthetics, that celebrates DIY and recycling, addresses the issue of decoration and the touching ingenuity of amateur practices.