Julien Berthier, The invisible

Julien Berthier
The invisible, 2021
Polystyrene, epoxy resin, paint, motor
220 x 420 x 232 cm
Courtesy Galerie GP & N Vallois (Paris)

Invited to design a work for the Parc des Calanques in Marseille, Julien Berthier created L'Invisible in 2021. The work represents a piece of artificial calanque on a 1:1 scale that blends seamlessly into the landscape of Les Goudes. Motorized, this floating rock moves, insensitively modifying the landscape. It lets us drift between augmented reality, décor, pleasure object and ecological discourse. The Invisible is a vehicle that tries not to be seen, recalling the camouflage techniques used by certain animal species, the army and drug smugglers. Julien Berthier believes that knowing how to hide is also an act of resistance, and sometimes even survival. Installed on Chalais pond in the Hangar Y park, L'Invisible surprises us with its dialogue and contrast with the classical architecture of the hexagonal pond designed by André Le Nôtre.


Born in 1975 in Besançon, France. Lives and works in Aubervilliers, France. Julien Berthier creates sculptures, videos, photographs and drawings. Julien Berthier constructs hyperrealistic and fictional objects, which he confronts with public space. The artist pursues a permanent ambiguity in the works and situations he produces. He offers us both plausible objects (which could very well exist in the world we live in) and their critique. Far from the idea of improving the world, the artist uses irony, feigning ignorance to provoke questioning, and introduce a more general reflection on our society.