13.05.2023 - 11.06.2023

Hangar Y's hives - Honey tasting


Beekeeping is a practice that dates back more than 10,000 years. Since the mastery of fire, it has not stopped evolving. Humanity has gradually learned to live with bees, trying to reproduce their natural habitat with straw or clay hives. Different forms of beekeeping will appear throughout the world, depending on the species of bees (there are more than 2000) and the climatic conditions.

Very quickly, beekeeping takes a place apart in the agricultural world, often linked to the religious world. The bee is perceived as a gift from God, as in ancient Egypt. Wax is used there in particular for the manufacture of papyrus, or to light candles. The domestication of bees was also used as a symbol of power: Napoleon III made it the symbol of the Empire.

During this two-part workshop, beekeeper Romain Bianchi will reveal several fascinating anecdotes about the life of bees, thanks to an observation frame set up in the park of the Hangar Y. An opportunity to discover the secrets of honey production and to taste it! There is a great diversity of tastes and textures among the different honeys that can be consumed around the world, comparable to that which exists in the field of wine. The workshop continues with the discovery of new flavors, with the tasting of several honeys carefully selected for their originality.

No dress code required. In case of bad weather, the activity will be postponed. 


À partir de 12 ans
Tarif : 15 €/personne
Durée : 1 heure
Heure :
15h à 16h

More about Romain Bianchi

Passionate about heritage and culture, Romain Bianchi decided to devote his professional life to cultural mediation around the life of bees. A species which symbolizes for him our need to take care of our environment and to listen to it better.